Luis Blando page

This page is just a collection of notes, papers, and general information about my interests

Perpetually under construction. (Difficult to say what's finished and what's an outline for the stuff I will never get around to completing :)




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1999-2000  MIT/Sloan, business and management of high-technology organizations. Digital marketing and system dynamics. (MS in Management)

1997-1998  Northeastern University, programming languages and aspect oriented software engineering (wasn't called that then :) Extension to the Java language called 'personalities'. (MS in Computer Science) 

1993-1994  University of Nevada, optical character recognition and image quality classification systems. (MS in Computer Science) 

1986-1991  Catholic University of Cordoba, in Argentina,  systems engineering. Programming (artificial intelligence, object oriented programming) and 3D data visualization. (BS/MS in Systems Engineering)



2006- Intel Corporation. (general manager, director). Engineering management, start and ramp of a software development center offshore

2000-2006 Verizon Communications. (director, exec director). business strategy, e-business,, new revenue generation

2000      Primix Consulting. (lead architect). software/hardware architecture for e-business, artificial intelligence, e-strategy

1997-2000 GTE Laboratories. (principal). software design and development, gateways, distributed computing, rule-based engines, programming language design, compiler writing (the eel compiler, u.s. patent 6185583B1)

1996-97   Fidelity Investments. (sr.technical specialist). kernel optimization via multi-threaded re-engineering, c programming

1994-96   Harmonix Corporation. (lead software engineer). startup building, c++ programming, software process definition, reverse engineering, team building

1993-94   Information Science Research Institute. (researcher). image quality research, heuristic and statistical pattern recognition

1992      Techint International. (systems engineer). 3d graphics programming, information systems planning for utility company, privatization bidding

1991      Coca Cola, Inc. (analyst). system analysis, cobol programming, shortest-path routing

1990      Microsistemas S.A. (programmer). assembly programming, hardware controllers, device driver programming


Topics of interest

         business strategy, organizational structure, leadership, digital marketing (recommendations), system dynamics, financial planning, startups

         in-depth software engineering, aspect oriented programming, semantics of pl, etc.

         the web and C++, motif, oo everything, reverse engineering, booch's lifecycle

         image quality, pattern recognition, heuristic vs. neural net classifiers

         graphics, ray tracing, multimedia visualization, computer vision, and all that good stuff

         the intricacies of building a commercial system in COBOL from scratch (and how to mimic libraries)

         turbo pascal and the discovery of oop

         info about programming games, using assembly, making machines "think", minmax, lisp, prolog,